Without the invaluable cooperation of our employees, XGuard Security would not be able to offer such outstanding service to its clientele. For us, teamwork and respect are always a top priority. Together, we stand out and we work toward building the dream agency.

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A flexible Environment

Since trust is at the heart of our mission statement, our employees have lots of freedom in the workplace. After all, the well-being of the team begins with the well-being of each team member. With flexible hours and an environment adapted to the current realities of the job market, working at XGuard Security offers significant benefits.

A growing company

We are passionate people with a great vision in mind. For us, no task is insurmountable if we work together as a team. Innovation is what drives us to work harder and better ourselves, month after month. We quickly established ourselves as a major player in the field, and this credibility will take us even further.

A perfect blend

WWith experience, we’ve come to understand that focusing only on human resources or on technological resources would be a mistake on our part. To us, innovation is a healthy blend of both and it is precisely what drives us in our projects, every step of the way.

Find a job that
you are passionate about!


XGuard Security agents help maintain a safe environment by applying our custom protocols with integrity.

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Rain or shine, our traffic controllers are there to ensure safe travelling on a variety of roads and work sites.

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Our employment agency offers a competitive salary and flexible hours to our nursing staff, which is qualified to work in a variety of institutions.

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Driven by a passion for new technologies, artificial intelligence and design, our teams are continuously working toward building creative business solutions.

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Our administrators and managers play a key support role at XGuard Security. Our teams and mandates are always in good hands.

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Our specialists know their stuff! With more than one trick up its sleeve, our team always develops quality strategies and content for our clients.

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Our sales representatives know how to highlight the strengths of the company while efficiently meeting the needs of our clients.

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I cannot emphasize enough how motivating it is to be a part of such an ambitious company, working alongside such an impressive team! From agents to the administrative staff, our shared objective of being the security agency with the best client care is surpassed every single day. With our employees and clients at the center of our focus, it’s a delight to work at XGuard Security!
STÉPHANE ALLARD, General Manager at XGuard Security
I joined XGuard at the onset of the pandemic and the company was quick to adapt to the realities of working from home. They did a phenomenal job of making me feel like part of the team, despite having met them just once. You will find several people checking in with you to see how you’re doing and asking if you need anything, then actively striving toward the best possible solution to make it work. It is quite a fantastic work environment filled with great individuals.
MIKEL TOZZA, Software Developer at XGuard Security
The climate of trust that exists at Security XGuard leads us to quickly develop a great sense of belonging. The work hierarchy allows us to easily build relationships with our colleagues and to feel like we are part of the family.
ALEXANDRE GENDRON, Electrical Engineer at XGuard Security