For student safety choose XGuard

At XGuard we have created a unique, high-end security service to ensure the safety of students and property.

XGuard gives you peace of mind

XGuard gives you peace of mind

XGuard does it all. We train, deploy and manage our teams according to your requirements to provide you with a secure campus.
  • Surveillance of your establishment by agents trained in your video surveillance system.

  • Fast and efficient response when an alarm system is triggered.

  • Our mobile patrols prevent most incidents before they even occur.

  • Trained in all situations, we ensure efficient and smooth crowd management.

The XGuard team's standards of excellence

The XGuard team's standards of excellence

To ensure operational efficiency and high quality service, the XGuard team has operating standards in place. These standards are one of the added values of the XGuard security service.
  • Quality: XGuard, it’s the best security professionals in the market, nothing less.

  • Savings: reduce your labor costs, operations and losses related to the cost of non-security.

  • Reliability: the XGuard team promises you an agent at the station no matter what.

  • Recruitment: search, recruitment, training, deployment and management of agents.

A service that stands out from the competition

A service that stands out from the competition

At XGuard Security, you will find modern security services adapted to today's needs. You can count on our team of experts with over ten years of experience in the field.
  • 24/7 Communication: You can reach your account manager at any moment.

  • We can provide you with daily reports reflecting the impact of our services on your operations.

  • Continuous on-site and remote supervision of agents by a dedicated manager.

  • Agents trained at the XGuard Academy: our training center that ensures the quality of the service provided.

Technology: our added value!

Technology: our added value!

XGuard develops software solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate security processes and operations. We are the future of security!
  • Significantly reduces the amount of absence from work by our agents.

  • Our follow-up guarantees the presence of agents on your sites whatever the situation.

  • The best operational efficiency in the security services market.

  • We have the most efficient billing system on the market with the XGuard application.

"The service offered by Mr. Youssef Maftouh is impeccable.
His presence and presentation are the height of professionalism.
Please ensure that he remains at O'Sullivan College for the remainder of our contract with you." Pierre Rousseau, O'Sullivan College

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