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Exploiting artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning.

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An inspirational story

Founded in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, XGuard is leveraging its technology and engineering expertise to renew its practices and the security industry. In the first 75 days of its creation, XGuard grew from 5 to 300 employees, making it the fastest growing security company.

The XGuard difference

Our added value is that we intervene at all stages of the chain: taking orders, recruiting, deploying agents, managing agents and ensuring the security of your assets. All this thanks to artificial intelligence, the automation of our operations and a team determined to innovate.
"From analyzing the needs to recruiting to supervising agents in the field, XGuard does everything possible to ensure you get the customer experience you deserve." ALEXANDRE G. FORTIN, CEO of XGuard

The future of security

XGuard robotic represents the future of the security industry. The company relies on advanced technologies and revolutionary innovations to create autonomous systems such as multi-sensor drones, self-guided vehicles, collaborative robots (cobots) and others. The future is here!

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At XGuard, we create a work environment that fosters continuous innovation, allows our employees to perform at their best, and provides equal opportunity at all levels of the company. We build the work environment of our dreams. Make THE difference by joining growing company.

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