Advanced traffic control solution for your road works

At XGuard we have created a high quality traffic control solution to best suit your needs.

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Treat yourself with peace of mind with XGuard

Treat yourself with peace of mind with XGuard

At XGuard, we train, deploy and manage our teams according to your requirements to ensure the best traffic control service for your roadwork.
  • Our protocol and service are customized to the specific needs of your work sites.

  • Our versatile agents ensure the fluidity of movements necessary for your work sites.

  • The management of the movements on your sites is done as much the day as the night according to your needs.

  • Clear and accurate traffic control signals and guidelines for the smooth operation of your business.

The XGuard team's standards of excellence

The XGuard team's standards of excellence

To ensure operational efficiency and superior service, the XGuard team has operational standards put in place. These standards are one of the added values of the XGuard traffic control service.
  • Quality: XGuard guarantees the best traffic control service on the market.

  • Economy: reduction of the losses linked to the lack of fluidity of the traffic on your work sites.

  • Reliability: the XGuard team promises you a traffic controller on your site no matter what.

  • Recruitment: search, recruitment, training, deployment and management of the traffic controllers.

A service that stands out from the competition

A service that stands out from the competition

At XGuard Security, you'll find modern traffic control services designed for today's needs. You can count on our team of experts with over ten years of experience in the field.
  • Fast turnaround: never short-staffed with our trained team that can adapt and respond to any contingency.

  • We can provide you with daily reports reflecting the impact of our services on your operations.

  • Ongoing on-site and remote supervision of traffic controller agents by a dedicated manager.

  • Traffic controllers are trained at the XGuard Academy: our training center that ensures the quality of the service provided.

Technology:<br />
our added value!

our added value!

XGuard develops software solutions that exploit artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate traffic control processes and operations.
We are the future!
  • Significantly reduces the amount of no-shows from our traffic controllers.

  • Our follow-up guarantees the presence of a traffic controller on your sites regardless of the situation.

  • We have the best operational efficiency in all of traffic control industry.

  • We have the most efficient billing system on the market with the XGuard application.

As a construction company, our needs are variable and sometimes unexpected. XGuard Security was able to meet our various demands! The team is pleasant to communicate with, as they are quickly reachable. We will not hesitate to contact them in the future. Rocco Grano, Brago Construction inc.

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